Strategic axes



Cultural and sports rights

Culture and sport allow people to develop as individuals, but also as communities. Through culture, citizens manage to give new meaning and dignity to their lives, creating a conscious link with themselves and with the reality that surrounds them.


Reading for life

Seeks to promote, train, develop and strengthen the reading skills of citizens, to achieve the generation of knowledge and learning, as well as experiences that transform their lives and the environment that surrounds them. Reading is conceived as a daily act of creation.


Cultural, creative, and sports economy

Promotes the economic and productive dimension of culture, creativity, and sports within a framework of recognition, respect, and promotion of rights and cultural and sports freedoms using territorial, differential, and environmental approaches.


Promotion of culture and sports

It is a commitment of the city to ensure that each citizen is an innate creator and includes culture, recreation, and sports into their daily lives to promote a cultural change that allows them to innovate and generate pedagogical balances.


Training in art, culture, heritage, and sports

The sector offers children, adolescents, young people, and adults the tools, knowledge and skills that allow them to exercise their rights, become better citizens, and achieve an effective appropriation of culture, art, heritage, and sports.


Civic culture

The civic culture bets on social transformation from the exercise of self and mutual regulation in the spaces where citizenship is exercised.


Bogota active and creative city

Bogotá, as a global, creative, and inclusive city, has managed to be a regional and international benchmark with the ability to compete and keep up with the big cities.


16 de October 2023
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