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City networks are key partners that facilitate that the voice of local governments has an echo in the international and development agenda. Through these, the Ministry of Culture, Recreation and Sports seeks to position the sectoral commitments and the work carried out in compliance with the SDGs and Agenda 21 for Culture.



UCLG: United Cities and Local Governments

It is committed to representing, defending, and amplifying the voices of local and regional governments to leave no one and no place behind. UCLG has a Committee on Culture, which seeks to "promote culture as the fourth pillar of sustainable development through international dissemination and local implementation of Agenda 21 for culture".


UCCI: Union of Ibero-American Capital Cities

Its main purpose is to achieve the definition of an area that constitutes a model of peaceful coexistence and solidarity development, as well as the consolidation of an awareness that allows for better understanding and cooperation among the peoples of the Ibero-American area.





UNESCO Creative Cities Network

This network seeks to position creativity and cultural industries at the center of local development plans, and actively cooperate internationally on the matter.

Association of the Great Metropolises of the World

Connection platform for metropolises to share experiences and mobilize on a wide range of local and global problems. In addition, it is the focal point of the world experience related to metropolitan governance.






CIDEU: Ibero-American Center for Urban Strategic Development

It is the network of Ibero-American cities that shares and promotes the culture of urban strategic thinking.


ICLEI: Local Governments for Sustainability

It is a network committed to sustainable urban development that influences sustainability policy and drives local action for low-emission, nature-based, equitable, resilient, and circular development.





IDB Cities Network 

It is a platform for knowledge, relationships, and solutions at the municipal level whose purpose is to socialize the lessons learned and good practices in environmental, economic, and social sustainability of more than 160 cities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

TAL Network

TAL is the union of public and cultural channels in Latin America. It is a space for co-production, exchange and strengthening of public service television systems in the region.







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