Mobilization and international projection

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International projection

The international projection spaces are transversal positioning scenarios that allow local governments to promote innovation actions, through the visibility of their initiatives and strategic programs in the global sphere.

By participating in these spaces, the sector seeks to position itself as a key player in daily creation, an epicenter of business, tourism, knowledge, and culture, a place to discover and enjoy, a safe, diverse, inclusive, caring, and sustainable city.

Knowledge mobilization

The mobilization spaces are meetings for discussion, conversation and knowledge exchange, experiences, and initiatives in which the entities, through their own management or in coordination with the different actors or partnerships, carry out activities to promote and position their programs and projects, framed in the Development Plan and the new urban agenda.


Portfolio of international cooperation projects




District Network of Creative Districts: a strategy with a gender and human rights approach for the social, cultural, and economic reactivation in Bogotá, as a response to the crisis generated by COVID-19..


Indicators Culture SDG - Agenda 2030.


EU 2022 Adelante Call: community cultural strategies for the territories with which it seeks to transfer a community cultural strategy and territorial intervention tools.


Inspiring women of Latin America: urban art as an instrument of social transformation.


Comixta Guadalajara: strengthening of the houses of culture of Bogotá and the Municipal Cultural Centers of Guadalajara based on the exchange of experiences between Colombia and Mexico.


Dialogues on Mental Health in Ibero-American cities.


Exchange of experiences for agents of the "Es Cultura Local" project in terms of cultural entrepreneurship.


Call for TIKA "Itinerant School".


Produce prototypes of non-sexist games and toys aimed at men who seek their involvement in care practices and the promotion of non-violent and co-responsible masculinities.

16 de October 2023
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