Strategic Plan Creative City of Music

Bogotá Ciudad Creativa

This plan seeks to contribute to the development and strengthening of the musical practices of the citizens, the agents of the sector, the economic development, the competitiveness of the city and the safeguarding of the collective memory.

Citizens live and enjoy music

It seeks to expand opportunities for practice, expression, enjoyment, collective knowledge, and appropriation of musical manifestations by citizens.

Strengthened, creative and organized musical agents

Strengthen the artistic, organizational and management capacities of agents in the music sector.

Memory and sound fabric for a more diverse city

Valuing, recovering, protecting, and transmitting the collective memory of the city through musical expressions.

Music as a catalyst for the cultural and creative economy

Promote the contribution of music agents, goods, products, and services and related to it on the economy and competitiveness of the city.

13 de October 2023
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